A very common type of automation system in the commercial environment, due to the efficiency of the movement taking up little space, they are quick to operate often opening a 10 metre wide gate in just 15 seconds.

There are two types of sliding gate available a cantilever gate that requires nor ground track as the whole gate is suspending in the air throughout its travel, the other type is a tracked gate that requires a full track for the whole length of the gates movement.

Both systems have there benefits that we would be happy to discuss with you.


The most common type of gate in the world by far having been around for basically forever and a day we now automate these for various properties from residential homes to large scale commercial entities requiring hundreds of operations per day.

There are different types of ram arm operators available that can be filled with hydraulic fluid to an electro-mechanical screw thread type. They both have have there benefits from reducing cost to being more effective in windy conditions.

In conjunction with the different types of ram arms available they come in two different voltages that again have their own unique properties, some are equipped with built in obstacle detection to minimise the forces exerted by the operator.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements further, please get in touch.


When speed matters these gates are fast to open and close, effectively having the distance back into the property they are space saving too, with opening speeds under 10 seconds they are the fastest opening and closing gate available.

They are deployed in every situation where space maybe a requirement to the


Barriers are utilised in a great many applications to prevent parking in certain areas to ensuring that ports do not allow vehicles past check points and everywhere in between.

Bollards have a less obtrusive look and feel to them and but they are higher security than a boom barrier but they do not operate as quickly.

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