Have a browse at just a few of our completed projects.

UNIPER, Isle Of Grain Power Station

June 2019

This project was completed whilst the old gates onsite were still operational, this ensured that the site was still secure at all times whilst the works were ongoing

We installed a new 8.5 metre long automatic cantilever gate to replace the old faulty bi-folding gates that were installed when the site was constructed.

We completed the project over a 10 day period from start to handover of the project.

DS Smith Paper mill, Kemsley, sittingbourne.

November 2016

We installed 3 new automatic gate systems to correctly control the traffic flow in and out of the mill’s north entrance and Ridham dock.

This consisted of a bi-parting sliding cantilever gate, a traditional cantilever sliding gate and a pair of automated swing gates.

The project took 3 weeks to complete including installation of the gates and the automation systems.

All of the access control for the systems in in the main guard house that is 350 metres from the nearest gate.

The gates to the dock’s are used by both Knauf and DS Smith to unload there boats at different times and this required both companies to have individual access control systems to get through the gate when required.

The bi-parting cantilever gate opens over a pond, and is the main entrance into the north loading/ unloading area of the mill, the larges 8m gate controls entry into the stock holding area of the mill.

Maypole Primary School, Dartford

April 2015

The School Had Parents driving around the car park whilst the children were walking to and from school, this created an obvious hazard.

We came up with a sloution that automatically opens and closes the gates at pre-set times ensuring that nobody is driving around the school grounds while the children are walking into school.

This solution also The added benefits of preventing any unwanted visitors entering the school throughout the day.

This ensures that the school meets its safe guarding requirements for physical protection at the schools perimeter.

The system is fully compliant with the health and safety regulations regarding automatic gates.

Residential Sliding Gate, Wainscott

April 2018

The client wanted to increase security at there home and add a new look to the front of there property enhancing the kerb appeal of the house.

Automatic gates have been shown to add as much as 5% to the value of your home when installed, a worthwhile investment indeed.

This client could not have an opening gate as it reduced the depth of the driveway and the drive sloped uphill meaning there would be a large unsightly gap under the gates.

We proposed to install a sliding wooden gate that would minimise the loss of driveway space and look aesthetically pleasing.

The system is fully compliant with the health and safety regulations regarding automatic gates.

have a look at the project photographs to see how this changed the entire look of the property.

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