Even a pond wont get in the way of our automatic gates.

We were contacted by a client in Headcorn, Kent to install some new gates to enhance security and privacy at the property. The old 5 bar farm gates had seen better days were not the most secure of electric gates.

so to make a big change to the entrance solid wood cantilever sliding gates were the best and most secure option along with new fencing to match.

The difference between old and new is stark and the new gate to the stable yard is even more impressive as it spans a 7 metre opening and does not even touch the floor as it slides across the opening.

as you can see the wooden gates are purely decorative as the main steel support frame carries the gates along as it tracks above the ground. we have installed a high speed motor to ensure that gate opens and closes quickly to enhance security.

The automation system can even be opened from you mobile phone on approach to the gate or from anywhere in the world.

The gate to the house had to slide out over the pond?

Yes you did read that correctly we slide the gate out over the pond all fully automatic of course

Did you spot the gnome on the gate and will he appear again later on in this blog.

This wood is an African hardwood called Iroko this is a whitish colour wood like oak but with no knots and is less susceptible to warping and twisting. the stain colour of these gates is a natural colour stain.

Now for more gratuitous gnome pictures as promised.

Fish on!!!

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